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www.poets.net.au is an Australian based poetry site consisting of poems written by poets and published for free.

To publish your poetry, simply submit them to Dominic Gill at dominicj7@optusnet.com.au

www.poets.net.au is associated with:

www.poetry.net.au The poetry site of Dominic Gill.

www.poetrybychildren.com  A site where children may publish their poetry for free. (See site for details)

www.poetryforkids.com.au An Australian poetry site with poems written exclusively for kids.

www.diddychwy.com.au 'Diddychwy' is a South Australian folk bush band. Contact diddychwy@diddychwy.com.au

To offer poetry for publication please write to; dominicj7@optusnet.com.au

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Dominic Gill

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